Prevent dryness of the lips

The excellent stop chapped lips is to avoid cold and dry, but because the rotten road to a better climate is not very practical for most live, you can go to your pharmacy or lazy to a nearby supermarket in his place. Coat your lips with a lip balm for more than a generation, especially after you go outside. Remember to keep the lip balm with you throughout the whole period.Use sunscreenThe sun can be your lips (especially the basic one) in the same way to break the repayment of the withdrawal of the skin, thus benefit a lip balm with sunscreen. They are often on site with the same sports results, particularly in countries that give rise to painful heat of
the sun because of the lack of protection of the ozone layer.Lipstick - but maybe not, eh men?
The study found lead, creamy lipstick to help find a sunscreen chapped lips soothe already are. Parfums filter rejected the light and heat damage squint and get off at perfume - you will see big!Stop-infectionThe barrier for the lips is badly infected, they answered easily. To avoid this, apply ointment, almost intact, you can force your pharmacy. If your lips hard, brittle, followed by the provision of uncontaminated ointment twice every generation - is in the morning and evening, especially the central portion.With vitamin BSometimes shortages are to blame, especially the lack of vitamin B and iron thorny, a multivitamin supplement for the segment of caution. On admission, although additions in no case more than the recommended dose.
Drink plenty of fluidsGive dry, not permission to use your lips and body as a complete costume, drink fluids at a given time recorded during the winter. As we age, the ability of our cells to retain moisture diminishes, so that our disabled drought substantially at some point to build the track in the winter. Try drinking a glass watering every few hours.Do not lick your lips!If you lick your lips, please contact evaporates moisture, followed by and makes your lips feel dry as well. Licking chapped lips can cause dermatitis around luggage near the door, so be careful. If you have tried to lick your lips, with a focus on the image that you've had cow dung for practices - from cow dung is not process your mouth, but it sure will put an end to lick em!Think zincSome live in drooling in his sleep, dry lips can and refused to make a chapped lips worse. If there is an obstacle, apply an ointment of zinc oxide bed all night - it acts as a barrier to protect your lips and put an end to this phenomenon.Use the natural oil from your skinIf you produce for the outside masterpiece and do not be very practical, on the lips have here, as you can solve ....... Rub your finger along the segment of your duties and nose, you get close to the natural oil produced by the skin. The lubricant on the finger can practice your lips in a conventional manner. While the generation is on the skin on the nose and specification of suitable thickness, so that each time a natural supply had - you can not resolve in a home to live better!

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